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This is a place I will share some of my creations, projects and interests that I think may be of interest/help to others.

I created jugglingpirate.com in 2006 to upload and share various circuit diagrams (mostly radio related) but nowadays I’m more interested in digital audio, FPGAs and general tech.

I built the old site from scratch and was such a pain to update so it kind of got a bit neglected.  I’ve since discovered WordPress (I love it) so thought I’d re-create jugglingpirate and make it a bit nicer since I noticed that it actually gets quite a few visits.



One last thing

Shout to all the great people I used to talk to on MSN circa 2006-8.  You were all a great inspiration to me and I learned a lot. Neon, you made me realise I could go to uni and get a degree in electronics (you were a big help and your advice was perfect).

I’m always taking on new projects but i cant keep up with my ideas at the moment due to work and being a boring adult. I am busy! I miss those all night sessions in the workshop trying to get things to work. I do always have time for this site though and other electronics enthusiasts.